10 Gift Ideas for Mom

mother's day gift ideas

Even if you’re planning on taking your mother out for brunch or dinner (hint, hint!) it’s good to have a gift in hand too. At the Battle Creek Gift Shop, we’ve got a variety of items that would appeal to women on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Top 10 Gift List

  1. Copper Butterfly wall art – Made from UP copper, these butterflies will add whimsy and natural beauty to your mom’s decor. And she’ll think of you every time she sees it on the wall.
  2. Copper Michigan heart – It’s a wall hanger featuring the Great Lakes state inside a heart. This one is Michigan made of UP copper too.
  3. Momma Bear car sticker – Recognize her love that is as big as a large animal with a cute sticker. It’ll help her spot her car in parking lots too.
  4. Hand-cut coin key chain – These unique items are handmade in Battle Creek. They’re cut from half dollar or dollar coins and come in many styles, including horse, deer, four-leaf clover, and Lady Liberty.
  5. Soy candles – We hand pour our candles from 100% soy wax, and we’ve got dozens of wonderful scents available.
  6. Gerber compact multi tool – Your mom has fixed a million problems for you since you were born. Give her a multi tool that will help her keep performing at an awesome level – and it fits in her purse.
  7. Filet knife – we’ve got some fine filet knives at the store. These knives are almost indispensable in the kitchen. The narrow sharp blades make short work of slicing meat, poultry, and fish.
  8. Skinning knife – Many ladies partake of the hunt and process their own food. Give mom a new skinning life so that she can easily prepare the bounty of the land.
  9. Petoskey stone necklaces – We’ve got Petoskey stone pendants in the shape of the Mitten or a frog. Most moms like jewelry.
  10. Petoskey stone heart magnet – These heart-shaped magnets will remind her how much you appreciate her every time she looks at the refrigerator. Keep in mind, we could engrave a message on these stones to make it extra special.

At the Battle Creek Gift Shop, you’ll find many affordable choices and unique items. We’re located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave and open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.