Decorate with custom ornaments for the holidays

deer ornaments

Visit the Battle Creek Gift Shop to find unique ornaments made right here in town. We use our laser machine to cut wood and assemble interesting ornaments.

We have many ready-made ornaments that you can browse, but we also happily accept custom orders. We can cut shapes and engrave text on wood to create an ornament that expresses your personal message.

Ideas for custom ornaments:

  • Baby’s first Christmas
  • First Christmas in new home
  • Lake by your house
  • Memorial ornaments
  • Pet name and breed
  • Livestock like chickens, goats, or horses

cat ornaments

army veteran ornaments

You can get an ornament for any branch of the armed services. If you’d like a custom one with your name and dates of service, just talk to us.

The store is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. We’re located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave.

If you have items that you would like personalized, you can also bring those in for engraving services in Battle Creek.


Taking Custom Orders for Local Made Halloween Plaques

Most Halloween decorations are overpriced and produced overseas with flimsy materials. Why not support your local economy with a Halloween decoration locally made in Battle Creek, Michigan?

2017-09-13 halloweensigns 008

At the Battle Creek Gift Shop, you can find wooden Halloween plaques made by us on our laser engraver. These wooden plaques use contrasting wood finishes and laser cut objects to create holiday decorations. You can buy either of the signs pictured here or make a custom order for a plaque, ornament, or refrigerator magnet with your spookiest personal message.

For the witches out there who need to help people find them, take a close look at our “The Witch is In or Out” sign. An adjustable mini sign on a hook allows you to change your status from in to out.

2017-09-13 halloweensigns 002

2017-09-13 halloweensigns 004

Store is located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street and open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Laser Cut Dog Ornaments made locally in Battle Creek, Michigan

The laser machine at the Battle Creek Gift Shop enables us to make wooden ornaments featuring different dog breeds. These are cut and engraved from 1/8″ plywood on a disc with a 3-1/4″ diameter. Edge design and dog breed name are on both sides of the ornaments.

rottweiler dog ornament

These ornaments come with a cord for hanging them on the wall, in your car, or on a Christmas tree.

Boxer dog ornament

The store is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. Come in and shop for a dog ornament. If we don’t have your breed, we’ll find an image and make one. You also have the option of making a custom order to make an ornament with your dog’s name on it.

Dog ornaments in stock right now are:

  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Bulldog
  • Siberian husky
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Beagle
  • Boxer

Engrave a gift for Mother’s Day

mother bear

Score some points with mom this Mother’s Day with a personalized gift. The laser engraver at the Battle Creek Gift Shop can put a message, design, or image on many types of items with flat or nearly flat surfaces.

  • Enhance a framed photo with a message engraved on the glass over the picture.
  • Create a custom refrigerator magnet with a message or an image of a favorite item like an owl, mushroom, dolphin, etc.
  • Have us design and cut a custom car sticker.
  • Customize a mirror. We can take the glass out of a framed mirror as long as long as the glass is under 12″ by 18″ and cut words and images into the back of the glass.
  • Engrave a name or design on a knife or gun.

Let us hear about your ideas, and we’ll try and make it happen. Call the store during store hours or stop by Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


The Battle Creek Gift Shop is located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street.





Custom project price guide for laser engraving in Battle Creek

The Battle Creek Gift Shop has a CO2 laser machine that can engrave and cut many materials. We use it to produce inventory for the store and also welcome custom orders from individuals and businesses in need of custom services to produce signage, decorations, or personalized promotional items and gifts.



Name engraved on your item


Phrase/Message/Design engraved on your item

Starts at $10*

Custom unfinished wood refrigerator magnet (about 3.5” by 2”)

Starts at $5*

Custom adhesive vinyl outdoor sticker

Starts at $8* (6×6)

Starts at $13* (12×12)

Starts at $20* (12×18)

*additional charges could apply depending on size, text quantity, and need for design or image preparation work

Any project could have unique elements and challenges for production. Easy tasks will fall at the bottom range of the price chart. Once we understand the details, we’ll prepare a quote. Custom work must be paid for to begin work.

We’re located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street in Battle Creek, Michigan. We’d be happy to help you develop a custom item with our engraving machine.

Visit the store or contact us.

custom car sticker

Battle Creek refrigerator magent

Custom Laser Engraving and Cutting in Battle Creek, Michigan

We’re pleased to announce that we have added laser engraving and cutting services at the Battle Creek Gift Shop.

We’ve invested in a machine that can cut text, designs, and images onto a variety of mediums, including:

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Glass or acrylic
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Coated metals

We’ve already completed some custom orders such as:

  • Lasering a design on a black-coated knife blade
  • Lasering a logo onto wood and attaching magnets to make a promotional refrigerator magnet item for a business.
  • Lasering a design onto cork board and cutting them out to make coasters.
  • Cut name and telephone number onto leather dog collar.
  • Cut adhesive vinyl to create custom car sticker.

See price chart.

We’ve been using the CO2 laser machine to cut stickers to redo out shop windows.

custom stickers for store windows

outdoor vinyl stickers for window signage

custom owl sticker

Our machine is capable of working upon surfaces as large as 18 inches by 12 inches.

To get a quote for your project, please contact or visit the store.

Use this form to send an email.

Call us Monday through Saturday 11 am to 7 pm at 269-753-1793.

Visit the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015.