Michigan Souvenirs on the I-94 Corridor

When you’re traveling through Southern Michigan, take a break from the traffic on Interstate 94 and visit the Battle Creek Gift Shop. We have Michigan souvenirs like Petoskey Stone jewelry and refrigerator magnets and hand-poured soy candles in many wonderful scents. Plus we have those Great Lakes car stickers that you see on so many vehicles.

Petoskey stone mitten necklace

Petoskey stone refrigerator magnets

Great Lakes car stickers

To reach our store, take Exit 95 on I-94 for Helmer Road. Travel 2 miles north until you reach the light on Columbia Ave. (There’s a Meijer’s on this corner.) Turn right, and our store is on the left on the corner of 28th Street. For more help finding us, enter 1778 W. Columbia Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan 49015 into your GPS.

When you visit us, you’ll also find a large selection of knives and swords with everything from basic pocket knives to big survival knives, ninja stars, throwing knives and katanas.

Pick up other great items for traveling on the road like shemagh scarves, pepper spray, compasses, paracord, and hats.

Custom Laser Engraving

Our store also has custom engraving services. If you’re a business traveler who frequently passes Battle Creek, stop in and talk to us about your project. We can work on metal, glass, acrylic, leather, stone, and wood. We can put a name and phone number on a leather dog collar or cut custom car stickers from adhesive vinyl. Our prices are very affordable.

If you’ve been looking for some help designing a car sticker or adding detail to your projects, call us. 269-753-1793.

We’re open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Custom project price guide for laser engraving in Battle Creek

The Battle Creek Gift Shop has a CO2 laser machine that can engrave and cut many materials. We use it to produce inventory for the store and also welcome custom orders from individuals and businesses in need of custom services to produce signage, decorations, or personalized promotional items and gifts.



Name engraved on your item


Phrase/Message/Design engraved on your item

Starts at $10*

Custom unfinished wood refrigerator magnet (about 3.5” by 2”)

Starts at $5*

Custom adhesive vinyl outdoor sticker

Starts at $8* (6×6)

Starts at $13* (12×12)

Starts at $20* (12×18)

*additional charges could apply depending on size, text quantity, and need for design or image preparation work

Any project could have unique elements and challenges for production. Easy tasks will fall at the bottom range of the price chart. Once we understand the details, we’ll prepare a quote. Custom work must be paid for to begin work.

We’re located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street in Battle Creek, Michigan. We’d be happy to help you develop a custom item with our engraving machine.

Visit the store or contact us.

custom car sticker

Battle Creek refrigerator magent

Knives of all styles sold in Battle Creek

knives for sale in Battle Creek, Michigan

We’re the place in town to buy a new knife. Whether you’re a collector or just need a useful blade in your pocket or purse, we carry knives in many styles. The medley shown in the photo above presents just a sampling of available knives. We sell fixed blades, boot knives, pocket knives, and novelty knives like the one that looks like a small pistol or one carved from an alligator’s jaw bone.

We just got some new inventory in stock, including the King Arthur Sword and a selection of Japanese katanas.

Japanese katana for sale in Battle Creek

If you’re shopping for a gift, consider our custom laser engraving services. We can often add a name or short message to the handle or blade of a knife or create custom car stickers or refrigerator magnets. We’re ready to help your vision become reality in multiple mediums, including glass, wood, stickers, and metal. See more about our engraving service in Battle Creek.

Our store is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Find us at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. in Battle Creek, Michigan.


Custom Laser Engraving and Cutting in Battle Creek, Michigan

We’re pleased to announce that we have added laser engraving and cutting services at the Battle Creek Gift Shop.

We’ve invested in a machine that can cut text, designs, and images onto a variety of mediums, including:

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Glass or acrylic
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Coated metals

We’ve already completed some custom orders such as:

  • Lasering a design on a black-coated knife blade
  • Lasering a logo onto wood and attaching magnets to make a promotional refrigerator magnet item for a business.
  • Lasering a design onto cork board and cutting them out to make coasters.
  • Cut name and telephone number onto leather dog collar.
  • Cut adhesive vinyl to create custom car sticker.

See price chart.

We’ve been using the CO2 laser machine to cut stickers to redo out shop windows.

custom stickers for store windows

outdoor vinyl stickers for window signage

custom owl sticker

Our machine is capable of working upon surfaces as large as 18 inches by 12 inches.

To get a quote for your project, please contact or visit the store.

Use this form to send an email.

Call us Monday through Saturday 11 am to 7 pm at 269-753-1793.

Visit the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan, 49015.


Michigan car stickers sold at Battle Creek Gift Shop

Michigan peninsulas car stickers in Battle Creek

Great Lakes car sticker

At long last, we now have Michigan stickers for your car. The peninsula or Great Lakes stickers take up a space about 5 inches by 6 inches. They are cut from outdoor durable vinyl adhesive sticker material. These stickers are rated to last on outdoor surfaces for 3 to 6 years. They are removable but not reusable.

Sticker comes with a clear sticky contact paper covering that will allow you to peel and position the sticker on your chosen surface.

We made these in-house with our new laser CO2 engraving machine. If you need a bigger or smaller size of sticker, let us know and we’ll cut one for you.

We’ll be expanding our inventory of fun outdoor vinyl stickers in the coming weeks and offering custom sticker cutting too.

Stay in touch by joining our email newsletter.

Our store is located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street in Battle Creek. 269-753-1793.


Fun Strategies for White Elephant Gift Exchanges

white elephant gift exchange ideas

I don’t know the origin of the white elephant gift exchange or why it’s called a white elephant, but the concept allows a group of people – often co-workers – to have a gift-giving party that only requires participants to buy one gift.

Usually a budget is set of $10, $15, or $20 for gifts. To start the game, people draw numbers with slips of paper. For example, if 12 people are playing, everyone gets a number 1 through 12. The first person gets to select any package from the pool of gifts. The person has to keep this gift for now, but the next person to play will have the option to select an unopened gift or steal the gift opened by the first person. The game goes on until everyone opens or steals a present. When someone has a present stolen that person can steal or open another gift. The person in the number 1 position gets a chance to steal after the last person completes a turn.

Typically, participants set the rule that a gift can only be stolen twice before it goes out of play and stays with the final person to get it.

When shopping for a gift for your white elephant party, you must decide which approach to take. Your options are:

  1. Enter a gift that will be valued by participants and promote stealing. Good gift candidates that will erase sensitivities between friends, spouses, and co-workers are alcohol, desserts, and gift certificates.
  2. Enter a gift that is unappealing. The recipient will likely get stuck with it because no one will steal it. Such items should be worthy of open derision both from the recipient and those lucky enough not to open it. The recipient might enhance festivities by pitching the merits of the proverbial lump of coal and trying to entice someone to take it. When entering a gift like this in the game, you’re hoping that someone you don’t like will get it.
  3. Enter a gift that most people will consider nice. It might not promote squabbling but getting stuck with it won’t scar anybody.

The Battle Creek Gift Shop has many items that would fall into any of these categories. The status of the gift would depend on the recipient. A small alligator head might delight one person while disappointing another. We’re sure, however, that anyone would love to get a decorative costume dagger, and it’s hard to go wrong with a lovely scented soy candle. Our store has many gifts under $20 such as handcuffs, thumbcuffs, facemasks, Petoskey stones, coin art, paracord, emergency rations, knives, and shemagh scarves.

The store is located at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. We’re open daily through the holidays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Buy a Klingon Bat’Leth in Battle Creek

Klingon bat'leth

Star Trek fans will recognize this “Alien Sword” in our collection of swords for sale. It’s inspired by the weapon of Klingons in the Star Trek universe.

If you have a Trekkie on your gift list, especially someone into Klingon cosplay, then get the bat’leth at the Battle Creek Gift Shop.

Metal sword measures 48 inches with leather wrappings on the handles. It is new and never been used.

Only $56.99 plus sales tax.

Visit the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street to see the sword. We’re open every day during the holidays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Want to order it directly and have it shipped anywhere in the US?

Call us at 269-753-1793 during store hours or email any time. I can send you a PayPal invoice and ship it.

We can take your credit card over the phone. $15 shipping and handling fee will apply.

30-day Free Layaway

knives for sale in Battle Creek

With the holidays coming, we’ve made gift buying easier with 30-day free layaway. Any combination of store items $40 and above qualifies you for a layaway. You’ll pay no fees as long as you pay off your total within 30 days.

You’ll find many useful and unique items at our store to give to the people on your gift list.

We have:

  • Camo t-shirts
  • Hats
  • Knives & swords
  • Soy candles
  • Shemagh scarves
  • Concealed carry jackets
  • Fleece lined flannel jackets
  • Fleece lined hoodies
  • Paracord bracelets and necklaces
  • Petoskey stones
  • Copper wall art
  • Coin rings
  • Camping and outdoor supplies
  • Backpacks and bags

Visit the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. and get started on holiday shopping. Our prices are friendly, and you’ll be supporting a locally owned family business.

6 Online Sources for Paracord Tutorials

Paracord and supplies Battle Creek, Michigan

Zipper pulls, dog collars, bracelets, knife wraps, and even a hammock can be made from paracord. Survivalists swear by the versatility of this strong cord. Aside from putting a roll of it in your pack, you can make useful items with it. And if you’re ever in a situation where string and cord would make a difference, you can undo the paracord braids and access many feet or yards of cordage.

From a fun craft hobby to serious survival preparations, people have devised amazing ways to use paracord. If you want to begin paracord crafts or expand your existing knowledge, the internet provides a boundless resource for learning. Most people choose to watch video tutorials. They’re accessible on everything from a desktop computer to a smartphone, and you can play, pause, and backtrack as much as necessary until you get your braids and knots correct.

Online Paracord Tutorials

Paracord Tutorials calls itself “Your 550 Paracord Weaving Resource.” This site has numerous videos for projects like bracelets, a quick-deploy sinnet, knife wraps for many models of knives, and pouches.

Prepperzine includes a whole section called 101 Paracord Projects. Find here directions for everything from gun slings to lanyards. If you prefer something that you can print out, the site offers a free PDF download of its guide.

Paracord Guild provides a community based site where you can ask questions, share your ideas, and see cool creations by other people.

Paracord Planet has published a huge catalog of photo tutorials. This is an excellent place to discover new types of knots and braids, like shark jawbone, slithering snake, and crisscrossed solomon.

Instructables has a section devoted to paracord. The easy paracord projects would be a good place for the beginner to develop skills.

YouTube might be the ultimate paracord tutorial resource. A good place to see just how much is possible with this craft has been developed by The Weavers of Eternity Channel. This channel and the thousands of other paracord videos will supply you with enough information to master the craft.

In Battle Creek, Michigan, you can come to the Battle Creek Gift Shop to pick out paracord and accessories. We sell nylon 550 Type III commercial 7-strand paracord. We have over one dozen colors in rolls of 100 feet for $7.99 each. Our Rothco paracord is made in the U.S.A.

We also sell accessories like compression barrels and buckles by the piece. Ready made keychains, zipper pulls, bracelets, and necklaces are also here.

If you’re into paracord, stop by the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. on the corner of 28th Street. We’re a small store that’s easy to get into. You won’t have to slog through aisles of a craft store to get what you need. Our number is 269-753-1793. You can ask us for a quote if you want to special order a 300-foot or 1,000-foot roll of cord.



Finish your Halloween Costume with a Perfect Accessory


The right accessory can put the finishing touch on your Halloween costume. Instead of picking up a fake plastic item, visit the Battle Creek Gift Shop. We might have a real item at a decent price that will work for your costume.

For example, the airsoft face shield would go a long toward completing your Bane or Hannibal Lecter costume. It’s only $18.99.

The leather vintage-style pilot’s helmet could be put to many creative uses from the Red Baron to any freak from the cast of a Mad Max movie. We also have goggles for $15.99 or a pair of goggles that fits over glasses for $35.99.

There’s a 5-color camo face paint kit in our case.

We still have a ghillie suit in youth size extra large.

Our big selection of shemagh scarves could be put to many uses. We have them in over 30 colors and patterns – including Jolly Roger Skull and Crossed Rifles. We have some of the shemaghs for sale online here.

These scarves would be great for a last-minute Halloween costume. Wrap one around your head and face and become an instant terrorist or outlaw.

For costumes that need a knife or sword, we have a large selection of knives and costume-quality daggers and swords, including the Klingon Bat’leth.

Stop by the store at 1778 W. Columbia Ave. and look for that perfect piece that will complete your Halloween costume. We even have a few sugar pumpkins for sale.

Call us 269-753-1793 Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.